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We are proud to represent the University of Aderdeen Online / Distance Learning Programmes in USA.

Stafford was established as a distance learning centre in 1993 with the vision to help working professionals achieve internationally recognised qualifications from the best universities that offer distance learning, without interrupting their careers.


The University of Aberdeen acknowledges the needs of the ultra-competitive, contemporary business world. We offer the ideal mode of study for working professionals or those leading busy lives: a flexible, online degree that they can manage around their career commitments.


Online Postgraduate programs  in USA  from University of Aberdeen

Programmes We Offer

Whether the student is interested in the Global MBA or MSc in Finance, the Stafford difference starts from the first contact with our academic consultants who have the very important role of assessing each student’s academic achievements, professional experience and requirements for the future and help them reach a decision on the most suitable online degree programme for them.

Next, the consultant guides and helps the student to complete their application and assemble all the required documents in order for them to present themselves in the best possible way to the university.

Throughout this process, the academic consultants do their utmost to answer the students’ questions to the best of their ability promptly and honestly while always maintaining the student’s best interest at heart.

This additional support offered by Stafford has been key to our success since 1993, which has allowed us to make a significant change in the lives of over 3000 graduates till date.

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